Mother's Day & the Pastor's Wife | a wealth of knowledge from @acts29 and @theresurgence

There is a wealth of wisdom to women on the following posts. Often, the most neglected and abused person within a church is the Pastor's Wife. Four women share their experiences with other Pastor's wives at the recent Acts 29 Dallas Boot Camp.

Planter / Pastor's Wives |

"How to Handle Weekends" Part 1

"How to schedule yourself and your kids" Part 2

"We just need to stop being so nice!" Part 3

I've only been doing this pastor thing for two years. I'm thankful for the experience of these women; hoping to better nourish and cherish my wife as a result of it.

Oh, you're not a pastor's wife? We'll then you fall into the category of being able to serve and love the Pastor's wife. My heart resonated with a lot of what Driscoll says in a recent Resurgence post. "Loving the Pastor's Wife" I'm thankful for the godly example of our Lead Pastor's wife, Kim. In more than one church setting, both at First Euless and Woodland Park, I've seen her love her husband and disciple her children first. For that example, too, I'm grateful.


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