Facebook Memorials

We have a love hate relationship with Facebook.

Now that we’ve barely survived another election cycle, we may be more on the abhorrence side of the spectrum.

Early this morning, however, something happened that made me appreciate once again the power of Facebook. It gave me pause, intentional time to stop and praise God. Yes, Facebook reminded me of God’s faithfulness…

Grace for Every Race | The problem

Over the next few posts, I'll be sharing some of the content from a sermon I recently preached at Sojourn Chattanooga on Acts 10 & 11. Grace For Every Race was a tough sermon.

Racism and discrimination have no place in the church

There is no continent exempt from the permeating history of racism and discrimination. Over the centuries discrimination has looked differently, some say that it no longer exists. We can all agree that the parasitic sin of discrimination is still at work.