Radical 2% | Romania

It was one year ago when we began our journey through some hard hitting sayings of Jesus in Radical. In one year, the Lord has developed a heart for the nations in many of you. For others, He has added fuel to the fire that was already burning. For Daniel Lawson, He has shown what it means to view all of life as worship. Daniel trusted Jesus as both his Savior and his Sovereign King a little over a year ago. Daniel is a master craftsman, able to beautifully build things with precision and brute force! He understands that everything that God has given him is a source for worship and making disciples.

Daniel has taken the Radical Experiment Commitment to spend 2% of his 2011 in a foreign context serious. I'm not sure if he understands it fully yet or not, but Daniel will soon realize how the 2% (one week) will transform his gospel-intentionality in the rest of the 98%. While in Romania, Daniel will use his knack for building as a means to make disciples with the Gospel of the kingdom.

David Platt says, “Our great need is to fall before an almighty Father day and night and to plead for him to show his radical power in and through us, enabling us to accomplish for his glory what we could never imagine in our own strength.” For 10 days the Romania team sent from First Euless will hit the mission field in full force. They will be as prepared as possible. They have put hours, days, even weeks into the preparation for this trip. But that is not enough. By human nature we plan, we strategize, and soon we will implement. However, true obedience to Christ requires that we pray as well.

The focus of this team will be children's ministry in the village of Susani and a nearby children's home in Gavojdia. They will also have a few helping with the construction of the House of Joy building and small teams going out to visit some very poor families in surrounding villages to distribute groceries and other humanitarian aid items.

Romania is 96.96% Christian, but is dominated by the Orthodox Church. It is considered one of the more spiritually receptive European nations, with a sustained church planting movement since the fall of communism.

  • Pray for Team unity. theGATHERING’s very own Daniel Lawson, Jeremy Morrison, and Traci Kirkland are apart of this team along with other members of First Euless.
  • Pray for healing of the legacy of brokenness from the communist era. Pray for an end to rampant substance abuse, prostitution and human trafficking, and the team as they work with the Children’s Program in Susani
  • Pray for opportunities to share Christ with parents, children, volunteers, and workers
  • Pray for the safety, protection, strength, and stamina of our construction team and the Romanian’s that will be serving alongside


100 degree with no AC in Jetta = poolside dinner w/the munchkins

100 degree with no AC in Jetta = poolside dinner w/the munchkins