free-fall & live event with Kay & David Arthur

free-fall & live event with Kay & David Arthur


When was the last time that you got on a roller coaster? I love them. I love that feeling of anticipation as your going up the hill.

The clicking sound lets you know that the drop is coming. After the initial drop, the wind, the screams, and the laughter follow. I laugh on roller coasters. Why, because I love the thrill! I love that there are tracks too.

In fact, I love anything that will leave you with a thrill, where it feels like the bottom of your stomach drops! Ten years ago this week my lovely wife and I got engaged after jumping out of an airplane! I thought of proposing mid-jump... but then I just knew that I would have dropped the ring. I love the thrill! I also love that there was a parachute to guide us down.

Still, another thrill - a year ago last week, I accepted my new role at Precept Ministries International. I honestly can't believe that it has already been a year! I started in June, then moved back to beautiful Chattanooga in September with my family. We had the newest addition to the Lucarelli family in October. We're now passed the initial climb up the mountain, hearing the clank-clank-clank of the chain... we're more into the lo0p-de-loops and corkscrews! I love the thrill, and continually thanking God for His sovereign tracks!

It's been a quick year - roller coaster or sky diving, both describe aspects of the year!

I've learned so much through the amazing folks the Lord has called to Precept. The Spirit of God has used the Word of God and the people of God to teach me so much about the kingdom of God. Jesus has taught me so much about grace, humility, tenacity, and walking in step with the Spirit. I've learned to love the loops, hills, and g-force of this ride as well! I've learned to have an even greater level of anticipation, and trusting in God's goodness in the free-fall of grace!

It's fitting, then, that tomorrow night I'll be hanging out with some pretty amazing people, people that the Spirit has used to develop me over the past fifteen or so years of my life.

Our team has been getting ready for something that I think that you'll really benefit from.Tomorrow night, I'd love to personally invite you to join me, David Arthur, and Kay Arthur in a live webcast. We'll be talking through "What is the future of Precept?" You'll get to hear first hand from Kay, David, and me about the things that Lord has been stirring in the hearts of the leadership of Precept. We'll be answering questions, talking through what the Spirit has been doing and what He is leading us to do in the days ahead.


I just stepped back into the studio to check out where we'll be beaming out to the world!

Have you been trekking with Precept over the years?

You'll really enjoy hearing the heart of both David and Kay. I'll be asking them some questions about where the ministry is headed in the days to come. Many of these questions are from some Precept leaders in the field, our Volunteer Trainers, and those that have attended some of our training workshops throughout the United States over the past few months.

Are you new to Precept?

You'll dig hearing the big picture of how God has been using Precept, what we're learning, and how we're moving forward. This is a great entry point, to hear and see what we are all about.

Never heard of Precept, inductive study, or Kay and David Arthur?

You'll be blown away and encouraged by what the Spirit is doing throughout the world as people get into the word of God for themselves. The Spirit of God using the word of God to establish the people of God!

Will you join us?

It starts at 8PM EST.

The webcast is located within the Precept Online Community. You can get there directly by clicking here. If you already have a Precept Online Community account, then log in and join the Live Event Group. If you don't have a Precept Online Community account, then it'll only take a few steps to get you into the live event group. You'll want to go ahead and do this now, so that you can immediately join in tomorrow night without those extra steps. All of the previous events -- "The Love of God" and "Making Disciples Intentionally" are also there for you to watch. The Community has hundreds of resources, including a class locator, and a wealth of information and encouragement for disciple-makers.


In addition to the webcast, we've also put together a free eBook for you called Business and Ministry. You can download it tomorrow night once you're in the group.

Tune in. Join us!

relying on you & God serving you?

relying on you & God serving you?

Critical? the big chill.

Critical? the big chill.