Established Tour | Dallas

This week, I've the humbling opportunity to travel to Dallas, D.C., and Chicago to help establish people in God's Word. We talk a lot about discipleship, but do we really know how to practically obey the Great Commission? How does one make a disciple? What if you aren't comfortable with studying Scripture on your own, much less leading someone else to study the Bible? Where do you begin? This past Tuesday, 140 or so folks took some time out of their busy schedules to join Precept Ministries for a special evening designed to help folks find the answers to these important questions. It's a joy to "work" with people who are passionate about establishing people in God's Word and making disciples intentionally, so we designed the Tour to help people learn to mine the riches of God's Word for themselves, but also be invited into a bigger calling of making disciples with the word of God where they live, work, and play. Dallas, you were awesome. We spent the day meeting with church planters and teachers for Precept's upcoming Entrust: disciple-making school.We made our Tex Mex rounds too. I was able to touch base with amazing disciple-makers from when I was a pastor in the area. It is so refreshing to see the Spirit of God motivating people with the Word of God to make disciples. We had a great team, we had a great night, and we serve a great God. We had an amazing group of volunteers from the area, who are owning the mission of making disciples. We were graciously hosted by Church at the Cross and Pastor J.R. Vassar and team. JR is also a teacher for Entrust! We were able to put the stuff of the day aside, focusing our attention solely on Jesus through a few songs led by Matt Boswell. We spent time walking through Lord, Teach Me To Study the Bible In 28 Days. We talked about Hosea, Amos, the life of Josiah in 2 Kings, Zephaniah, and 2 Chronicles. We were able, then, to respond in worship  with Matt Boswell leading and shepherding us to remember the glorious gospel, that Jesus absorbed the wrath that was due to us because of sin--God's wrath poured out on Jesus and Jesus' righteousness given to us! We were then met with the urgency to call, equip, and mobilize throughout the world.

Dallas, it was so great to be with you. However, we don't just leave you after three hours. You weren't just sitting and soaking. Now, it's time. It's time to take the tool of inductive study, with full dependency upon the Spirit of God, to obey the call to make disciples. Check out #establishedtour for more pictures from the night || Continue to pray for us. It drops in Dallas tonight and then Chicago tomorrow night! We'll be doing a simulcast at the Chicago stop. || Click here  for more information