Can I get a(n)... Update?

Can I get a(n)... Update?

We hate self-promotion. Many of you... Okay, about thirty of you... have asked why it's been over six months since our family has updated our blog. We could give a long answer, but instead, hopefully you'll understand the short answer.

We hate self-promotion.

We hate celebrity Christian culture. We love gospel-centered community. We love the Spirit of God within the mundane of life.

Many people that we know use blogs as a source of identity. They project to the world a false reality, showing only the #reallife that is anything but real and anything but life giving. When we say "many" we mean just that... many. Countless blogs that we frequent and lives that we pretend are in the healthy safety net of gospel-centered community, end up projecting this false idea of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I {Jeremy} could give multiple examples of people that are trying to find their worth in their google analytics or email subscriptions. What's scary is that they may even use the lingo of "gospel" and "hope" all while ignoring the robust fire of grace-centered heart evaluation that has been purchased for us by the blood of Jesus.

Rather than adding to that noise and that deathly voice that is so prevalent, we've decided to just sit, pray, evaluate our heart motives, and submit to gospel-centered, life giving, community within our local church.

Don't worry, we're still refining that discipline that is blogging about the grace of God in the mundane of our lives... but we're just keeping it to ourselves for now. Thanks for understanding. Thanks, too, for praying for our hearts that are so easily entwined by the chaff and rubbish.

Jesus Is All, The Lucarellis


In addition to hating self-promotion (in ourselves first), we also hate self-righteousness (in ourselves first) and passive aggressive social media posts. Listen, we're not calling anyone out. We're not indicting a particular blogger or friend through the medium of WordPress. We've had conversations with others, many conversations with others about striving to find identity, value, and significance in other things... maybe good things... but minuscule things. Confused? People that are more winsome and more articulate than me are considering these ideas too. One such person is Pastor JR Vassar. Check out his upcoming release Glory Hunger: God, the Gospel, and Our Quest for Something More. Click here for an excerpt