30 Day Challenge - Killing Stagnancy is Hard Work

30 Day Challenge - Killing Stagnancy is Hard Work


[dropcap]The[/dropcap] sniff test. You grab the t-shirt, pulling it closer and closer to your nose. You go in for the whiff, the staple olfactory test. Though the shirt looks clean, you can't deny the stank.  We live in Tennessee now, but while we lived in Texas I had to take into account the 110 degree heat, the horrible AC in my car, the 40-70 minute commute to work, and those blasted leather seats. The sniff test was mandatory. One wrong sniff, mixed with the above variables, and no amount of Polo number 3 could out stank that stench. You see, our washer is a front loader... water gets stuck... and I may or may  not be the best at switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer. I digress. The stank shirt has plagued us all. What if things looked good on the outside - on fleek, but it was an on fleek, stank shirt. What if you could get away with wearing the shirt, but as soon as things start to heat up in the day, the stench is just too overpowering. The stagnancy in the washer led to the stench in the meeting.

[dropcap]Direction[/dropcap] change, hang with me. Over the past three years, I have been virtually mentored by Michael Hyatt. His blog posts on email have saved the day many times. His experimentation with social platforms has made me more prone to try new things. As I grow in my ability to communicate the gospel clearly and equip other leaders through the platform God has given me, I'm grateful to God for men like Michael Hyatt.

A few weeks ago, Michael hosted the Influence Summit Conference. Each day, he rallied top-tier communicators and practitioners around the theme of influence. As I had margin in my schedule, I was able to listen to several of the presentations. It was brilliant. I highly recommend it to you if you’re in ministry, a communicator, leader, or one that wants to better steward the influence that God has given to you.

There was a definitive moment, as I listened to each of the talks, where I knew that I was being called to action. Have you ever felt that way, knowing that you can’t just sit there, but not yet sure of what it is that you’re supposed to do? Stagnancy isn’t an option. Yet, you want to make sure that you step in faith. As I watched several of the communicators – Hyatt, Dave Ramsey, Jon Acuff, and Amy Porterfield – I knew that stagnancy, staying put wasn’t going to work.

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If you look back over the years of this blog, it has been hit and miss. We've even blogged about why we're not blogging. While We’ve kept up the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude, Bible study, community, and  even journaling, consistency hasn’t been my (Luca's) claim to fame. God has called me to communicate, lead, and equip. One of the many means is through writing. I need to grow as a writer. I need to grow as a communicator. I throw in a million different excuses – changing vocations, diving into community, excelling in my career, and even spending more intentional time with my family… which are all godly, good things. Yet, as I listened to each of these communicators, I realized that the Spirit of God was pressing this consistency thing in my heart. It wasn’t out of condemnation, but rather an invitation to something. Rather than compartmentalizing things in my life, it was as a beckoning to realize that each area is interconnected. Stagnancy is not an option.

So friends, I'm going to be dependent upon the grace of God to kill stagnancy in my own life.

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[dropcap]Direction [/dropcap]  change back to the stank shirt. I don't want the stank-shirt syndrome. I want to allow the Spirit of God to continue to develop the gifts that He has given. Here is what that means for you, those crazy, sporadic readers that check this piddly blog out (hi Mom and Dad)- I'm going to kill develop the grit to kill stagnancy in this area in my life. Here is how: I will be spending 30 minutes every day over the next thirty days to write. The 30 days will start on November 1st. I will post at least three times a week Tuesdays and Thursdays for sure with another one sprinkled in either on Monday or Friday. I'd love to invite you into this as well. I'd love for you to engage - read, pray, comment, share, and pray some more.

I'd love to pray for you too. Perhaps you need to pull the shirt of your life up and give it a good whiff. The Spirit may be leading you to kill stagnancy as well. Reach out. Let's jump in this together. Let's, because of Jesus and through the Spirit, kill stagnancy in our lives.

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Question: In what areas of your life is the Spirit leading you to kill stagnancy?

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A Warning: vigilant relevance & the humiliation of irrelevance

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