Highlight the Humble | Papa Dave

Highlight the Humble | Papa Dave

Highlight the Key Words

I’m asked all of the time, “What’s the deal with the colored pencils?” People in community group may borrow one of our Bibles, or some folks are just starting to dip their toes into the ocean of inductive Bible study.  Through this process, you learn how to mark key repeated phrases which serve to unlock the meaning of the text.  Marking or highlighting the text is a helpful observation tool because it gets us to slow down and understand what the text truly says.

In addition to highlighting the Word of God, this year, Precept is highlighting people- the people who have been used by God in our lives to share truth, those who have helped us grow in our relationship with Him by helping us know His Word. 

Paul in Galatians says it like this,

“Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches.”
— Galatians 6:2

Highlight the Humble


I’d like to Highlight David Miller this Giving Tuesday by giving to Precept Ministries International in his honor.

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Papa Dave & God’s Word

David is affectionately called Papa Dave to the numerous adopted children whom he has influenced over the years. Papa Dave was a steady, constant presence in my life after Jesus saved me. He and a group of men came alongside of me the way that a knight comes alongside an apprentice, teaching them to carry the weight of the sword, eventually learning how to use it in battle. In addition to serving as my counselor at Precept’s Boot Camp (a camp for 14-18 year old students founded on Precept’s inductive Bible Study Method), his home became my home away from home in high-school and college. While serving with a soccer ministry alongside his sons in Houston, a lot of Word and a lot of life happened around Papa Dave’s kitchen table, living room, and on the guy’s side of the house (with one bathroom)! 


Papa Dave’s presence

In addition to opening his home and taking me on ski trips, Papa Dave helped me navigate some tumultuous waters early in my Christian walk.  He embodied the love of God and demonstrated the power of His grace by stepping into the mess. He and two other men showed me how to wield the sword of God’s Word in order to slay sin, to kill it Romans 6 style.

Papa Dave has shown me how a strong and powerful man can serve with meekness and humility. He has demonstrated how a godly man loves Jesus, the mission of Jesus, and his family. For over 20 years, Papa Dave has served as a humble example of Titus 2:1 for me and countless other young men, initiating us into biblical manhood. I know I can speak on behalf of those men by saying how grateful we all are for his humility. He helps young men engage in relationship with God through knowing His Word and we are thankful for his presence in our lives.

What about you?

Who has shared truth with you? Who has helped you grow in your relationship with God by helping you know His Word? Who has discipled you? Who do you want to highlight?

I pray that the Spirit continues to use Papa Dave in this way as he leads Precept studies at his church in Houston, laughs with and leads his quiver full of kids and grandkiddos, and as he serves every summer at Precept’s Boot Camp. I pray that God will exponentially multiply his influence, that the men he’s impacted would empower other young men in both the Word and in life. I’ve shared with you a small part of my story, but there are hundreds of thousands of Papa Dave’s around the world. They’re sharing the Word and living the Word, helping others engage in relationship with God through knowing His Word. Your gift to Precept Ministries International empowers leaders like Papa Dave. On Giving Tuesday, you double your impact with a $52,640 match. Please prayerfully consider partnering with Precept this Giving Tuesday.

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