Precept Leader Profile | Candee

Precept Leader Profile | Candee

I absolutely love my job. I have the opportunity to connect with Precept Leaders, people who love and lead others to engage in a relationship with God through the study of His Word! Isn't that funny?!? People all over are saying, "I want to hear from God!" Well, Precept Leaders show people how to do that - Hear from God and get to know Him through the study of His Word!!!

Meet Candee

Candee and her husband Jack live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. For years, they have walked with people in various ways, serving the kingdom of God with the gifts that the Lord has given them. Over the years, it has looked different, but at the core Candee and Jack have a deep love for Jesus and a deep love for others to know Him through the Word. 

In addition to serving as a Precept Leader, Candee also serves the Phoenix Area as an Entrust Coach. What in the world is that?!? Great question - let's walk through two verses together!

You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.
— Paul, 2 Timothy 2:1-2


In order to carry out what the Lord wants to do in and through you, you've got to realize some things. First, don't you love how Paul calls Timothy his child? Then, as a child, Paul is real with Timothy - what you're going to do is going to require some great strength. More than a grit your teeth and roll up your sleeves kind of strength, you've got to have the strength that can only from Jesus. I won't nerd out on you too much, but this is called the divine passive - the subject (Timothy) is passive and God supernaturally acts upon the subject. God strengthens us through the grace of Jesus. This is our fuel. This is our strength.

2. Be strengthened in the grace that is in Jesus TO ENTRUST.

Great grace. Great Savior. Great strength. For what? Why? What Timothy has heard from Paul, like a father to a child, what Paul has shared not just with Timothy but with many other witnesses - it isn't a new thing, it is a tried and tested. What is this thing? Well, friend - in 2 Timothy it is the gospel. It is the sound doctrine, the good news of God sending Jesus to save sinners. It is the good news that the Word of God is about the Son of God.

Side Note - At Precept, we just re-launched our 2 Timothy Precept Upon Precept Study. We updated it after working through it as a staff and with our pilot group. We just made it available to purchase the updated edition last week!

So what is Timothy supposed to do? He is to be strengthened with the grace that is in Christ for the purpose of entrusting. Here, Paul is calling Timothy to once again entrust the gospel to others. Paul poured into Timothy so that Timothy would be equipped, enabled, and engaged in the mission of entrusting it to other faithful me.

3. Be strengthened in the grace that is in Jesus to entrust SO THAT MORE ENTRUST

Did you see the progression here?

First generation - Paul to many (Timothy too)

Second generation - Timothy to faithful men

Third generation - faithful men to more faithful men... to more faithful men... to more faithful men.

I wish I had a good 'ole whiteboard to show ya! Paul poured himself out in developing men, launching and planting the churches where he traveled. One of these men was Timothy. He traveled with Paul, saw Paul in action - learning from him along the way. Then, let's say Timothy had three faithful men. Then those three faithful men found three faithful men... what a beautiful picture of being strengthened in God's grace!

Back to Candee - Candee and Jack Spears are those faithful men & women. They have faithfully demonstrated pouring into new leaders, launching them, and walking with them as they learn how to lead!

So, what is the difference between a Precept Leader, Entrust Coach, and Precept Trainer?

Precept Upon Precept® Leader

A Precept Upon Precept Leader is a Bible Study Leader that has been trained by Precept to lead Bible studies from our Precept Upon Precept® series. They have been trained to reason through the text with their classes to draw out of the students what they have learned through their personal study during the week. Precept Leaders lead by asking good questions.

Precept Coach

A Precept Coach is a Precept Upon Precept® Leader that has been trained by Precept Training to raise up other Precept Upon Precept Leaders from within their Precept Upon Precept groups. They have demonstrated an ability to recruit new leaders, disciple and train them to lead Precept Upon Precept Discussions, and deploy them to start new classes in their area. Precept Training Coaches are always dependent upon the Lord to show them who needs to be trained as a Precept Upon Precept leader. They are multipliers, those who understand that it is far better to have leaders deployed out of their classes then it is to have a large class.

Precept Trainer

A Precept Trainer is someone that has been trained by Precept Training to conduct workshops to introduce people to the tool of inductive Bible Study. Some Trainers are also Coaches who train Precept Upon Precept® Bible Study leaders

In serving the Phoenix, Arizona area - Candee and her fantastic team have set up several opportunities for Precept Leaders in the next few months.

This coming Saturday, I'll be with Candee and the team as they host a Precept Upon Precept Leader Refresher. Candee and I shot a vide about it while we were together in Israel a few weeks ago:

In addition to hosting the Precept Upon Precept Refresher, Candee and her wanted the opportunity for more Precept Leaders to be trained in their area as well! In September, the Precept Training team will be returning to Phoenix to do our three day Precept Upon Precept Leader Training. Our hope is that through both of these workshops in addition to Candee's role as a Precept Entrust Coach, we'll see the Lord equip more and more leaders that are able to lead people to engage in a relationship with God through the study of His Word! You can find more information about these and other Precept Trainings below!


Special thanks to Aaron Burden on Unsplash for the cover photo!

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