You're not the lightning bolt

You're not the lightning bolt

I was at work. I was taking an online training module, hoping to learn a little something about how to better steward relationships with Precept Leaders around the world. The module was explaining a feature called Lightning Experience. The following description got me:

So why the name ‘Lightning?’

Well, think for a moment about actual lightning, the kind you see during a storm.

Think about how fast it strikes—if you blink, you might miss it.

Think about how beautiful it is—lightning can be stunning to behold.

Finally, think about how unique each lightning bolt is—no two are the same.
— Trailhead by Salesforce

Our team at Precept Ministries International has developed Lightning Studies. They're called Lightning Studies because they're just that - quick, stunning, and unique. Some folks want Lightning Studies to last a long time. Imagine how crazy it would be for a flash of lightning to stick around for forty-five minutes or an hour!

Nope. That's not fast enough.


At Precept, over the years we've called a lot of things lightning, but they're not a quick flash. I've realized that some of them could be more or less compared to a monsoon or the hurricane - they're too long, too many verses, or too detailed in the instructions and markings. A hurricane has hundreds if not thousands of lightning bolts in them. A Bible study hurricane is a larger study. It has its own momentum and path. It cannot be contained!

One lightning bolt is short, quick, and it can leave a mark.

So, we've been trying to back to the original intent of this lightning flash. It's been a slow process. We've been testing them out on people that are not familiar to Precept's Inductive Bible Study Method. We know that Precept Leaders and current Precept students see the value of Inductive Bible Study. Since a Lightning Study is a tool to introduce someone that has never done Precept's Inductive Bible Study Method, we got feedback from people that have never done it before! Then, after we've tested them out in varoius settings, we make them available to our Precept Bible Study Leaders. We've got some work to do on a better way of delivering them to our Leaders and Students, but it's awesome when Precept Leaders and Precept Students around the globe are equipped with another tool in their toolbelt to introduce people to this powerful way of engaging with God!

Are you trying to share Precept's Inductive Bible Study with someone new? 

Keep reading! If you're new to Precept's Inductive Bible Study, then jump to the bottom where it says, "Are you new to Precept's Inductive Bible Study?"

You are so excited about Precept's Inductive Bible Study Method. God has radically used it in your life to engage with Him in a relationship! You are so pumped that you don't have to depend on other people, but that you can know God through His Word by His Spirit blows your mind! You are what we would call stoked. Though you're stoked, excited about it, remember that not everyone is at the same place.

When you're introducing people to this new tool, remember -

You're not the lightning bolt.

Let the Spirit of God use the Word of God to be the bolt for that person.

Don't overwhelm them with the hurricane of inductive Bible study.

They don't need to know all of the techniques from How to Study Your Bible.  Seriously, eager Precept Leader - forget word studies. For the time being, ditch the At A Glance Chart. Leave the grammar lesson on terms of the conclusion to the side. Are those things fantastic?  Yes, absolutely! Those are a part of the hurricane, not the lightning.

Don't overwhelm them with your colored pencils.

Seriously, they probably haven't seen an adult use a pencil pouch. Remember, a bolt of lightning. I know you're pumped about that specific type of pen that you can use to mark in your Bible, but you're introducing someone new to Precept Inductive Bible Study. Precept Leader, leave your 600 count Crayola, Mary K luggage bag full of colored pencils at home. A bolt of lightning. Just use a pen!

Keep it simple - keep it quick. 

In the picture below, I've linked to one of these Lightning Studies. When you click on it, you'll see The Lightning Study Resource and Printable Lightning Study. Some folks have let us know that if they're going to share this with someone, they want to print it out and make it look really nice! If that's you, then go with the Lightning Study Resource Version. Others have said, I don't want all of that - just give it to me so that I can print it out, a quick print version. If that's you, then you're going to want that Printable Lightning Study. 

Give them a short and quick, stunningly beautiful, unique experience in God's Word! 

Are you new to Precept's Inductive Bible Study?

Click the picture below.

It's got everything you need - you've got two different links, but they're the same content. One will save your inkjet if you print it out.

dir 1.JPG

Just follow the directions in the study. Pull out a pen or a pencil (after you print this thing out or pull up your electronic marking tool on your tablet). Go through the text and mark every reference to treasures and wealth with a $. I know, it's kind of weird to mark it up, but trust me - it's going to help you focus in on some things in the text.

After you're finished with that, take a look at where you've marked that word. Then, answer the first question.

Here is what is fantastic about this - you're going to answer the question with the text. You're looking at the text to see what it says! No one is sitting there telling you what the text says. You're diving in to discover it with a simple tool - marking.

Keep working through the rest of the instructions! There a just a few more.

Then, you better let us know what you think -

How did it go?

What did you learn?

Seriously, send us an email or fill out the comment below! You've got to share with someone!

Thanks to  Josep Castells on Unsplash for the lightning photo and  NASA for the hurricane picture.

4 Years Later. 1 Year Later. Jesus.

4 Years Later. 1 Year Later. Jesus.

Defiant Light

Defiant Light