The Spirit & the Word

The Spirit & the Word

I've seen the Spirit of God change people.

God has been directing my heart to the role of His Spirit for years. Recently, it seems like the Lord is emphasizing it in my life and ministry.

Growing up, I saw the abuses of an emphasis on the Spirit that was devoid of the Word. On the other end of the spectrum, I experienced an emphasis on the Word that was devoid of the Spirit.

Did that strike you as weird? That sentence in the paragraph above. Re-read it. What is funny about it is that you can’t have one without the other.

If the Spirit is involved, if there is a true emphasis on the Spirit,  He always uses the Word of God.

If there truly is a Word saturation, only the Spirit of God must give us the grace to open our eyes, ears, and hearts. The Spirit of God makes the Word of God come alive.

I don’t want to make it a long post about Pneumatology, the theology of the Spirit, but I do want to just share something that I’ve been chewing on, something that as I’ve been processing, I’ve seen come alive again and again for people of all ages and walks of life - I've seen the Spirit of God change people. 

The Spirit of God uses the Word of God in the hearts of the people of God to magnify the Son of God for the Glory of God.

In one of the trainings that our team offers around the country, The Essentials of Inductive Bible Study, we walk through 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10. I don’t want to steal the thunder of this workshop for you, in case you’re interested, but the Spirit of God uses the Gospel in the hearts of a city in order to magnify the Son of God for the Glory of God.

Are you interested in bringing "The Essentials of Inductive Bible Study" training to your community? Our Precept Training team would love to walk with you through hosting this life-changing event. Best news - it's free! 

Special thanks to Andrew Neel for the cover photo!
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