Hickory Grove Baptist Church (North)

Full circle.
Becky and I loaded up the gas guzzler and returned to my roots for a couple of weeks. Our time in NC started off with a Precept workshop at a sattelite campus of the church where I grew up. Though I didn't see any familiar faces from when I went to church there, it was a blessing to see some of the different Precept participants throughout the NC, VA and even Maine areas. The forty participants in my class were eager to discover truth for themselves, apart of the greater endeavor of 300 people being trained in inductive study throughout the entire weekend. As we used the book of Titus to determine how to study the Bible inductively, it was both humbling and invigorating to see so many people begin or continue to mine the depths of God's Word. It was humbling simply because I am so much younger than many of the participants. It is invigorating because the Lord is the teacher as students determine to accurately handle His word. He moves them past intimidation and fear towards excitement and wonder as they discover who God is and their responsibility to both uphold the sound doctrine and live the sound doctrine.

It was also a priviledge to have in attendance both my mom, the one who forced me to start studying inductively more than a decade ago; my sister, who honed in some of her mad study skills as apart of reflection time away from the kiddos; and even my first Precept leader from back in the day when I was 16.

Sunset Beach Bliss - 1

RedNeck Karaoke and Fireworks!!!