Lake Photoshoot

What an action shot-Becky preparing for some mad distance, 'bella holding on for life, Gatsby preparing to pounce. Thanks Nikon!All of the dogs--Max, Gatsby, Gracie and Dink.
Becky's new haircut--awesome!
Chillin with dad... going for a walk on the point. We didn't get any of the boats, but 'bella kept pointing to them saying "boa, boa!" She also liked to look over the edge at the waves on the rocks. Becky wasn't a fan of us being too close to the water.
Again, money shot... dig the hair dear.
Cool perspective, though the next is my favorite. It took some maneuvering on my part.

While the rest of the family was spending week 2 at the beach, Becky and I were able to relax by the lake. What a vacation--renewal, good food and peace and quiet!

Lucarelli's come for a visit

A Night with the Parkers