Sunset Beach Bliss - 1

Every year Jeremy's family takes a trip to Sunset Beach, NC. The past two years have been extremely interesting. One I was pregnant, which made for an eventful trip through the middle of the SC marshes. After that, we had a 4 month old lounging in a tent by the water! Jeremy and I were both looking forward to a relaxing, though rabuncious trip with a year-and-a-half 'bella, who hasn't been sleeping very well.

After an uneventful trip down to the beach where we beat everyone else who was making the trek, the Lucarelli family went to the beach for a little look see. Immediately, 'bella was pointing out the birds saying "tweet-tweet." We didn't go in the water, but she did say "Whoa!" when the wave came up and touched her freshly painted, pink toes.

Night one was not a good night for our little one. I was up several times through out the night with her, so I was a bit delirious in the morning. While playing around on the floor 'bella discovered my lipstick. Apparently, I don't put it on very well, that is if she was mimicking my presentation!

We weren't quite sure how 'bella would respond to the sand. Last year, remember, all she did was sit there and sleep. We've also heard horror stories from friends about their children putting handfulls of sand into their mouths! 'bella did great, with shovel and little red bucket in hand. Jeremy took her for a nice dip in the ocean. All she could say the entire time was, "Whoa!"

In keeping with family tradition, everyone usually cooks a meal for the entire family during our stay. Tonight, however, we decided to risk the crowds and the lines in order to get a fresh taste of Calabash, NC seafood. I won't go into the mistake that was, but while we were waiting on everyone to get ready Jeremy decided to snap some shots. We aren't sure what Ma Ma is doing in the background, but thought that it was a great picture! Maybe she was acting out the birds.
Our little on is getting to be so big! She has so many new words and is constantly on the move. What a sweet shot this was, as she was looking out for more "tweet-tweets" and squirrels.
Great family photo on the balcony. We spent a lot of time in the evenings on this balcony, which is complete with several rockers. There is nothing like hearing the waves under the stars with both a good book and good company!
It is amazing how many facial expressions 'bella has inherited from her dad. This may be why we are dealing with her hitting Jeremy!
More pictures and commentary will follow!

Sunset-it is called Sunset.

Hickory Grove Baptist Church (North)