Bumble Bee

Jeremy kept telling everyone, "Happy Reformation Day!" Life is a little bit different now that we have a little one... no crazy costume parties, but we had a lot of fun anyway. Both Jeremy and I made some chili... he added a little bit too much spice, but it was really good. We suited up the little one in a cute little bee out fit. For those of you who haven't seen Bella in awhile, she has an animal book with every type of species imaginable. One of her favorite pages is the bug page, where she smacks the fly and mosquito (She also likes the donkey too). So, last night she went as a bee.

We headed over to our church for the big party. They had a lot of those jumping things. Bella went in with some of her friends... and cried when she had to get out. She didn't know how to take everyone being dressed up. She kept looking at people with her pensive, "What in the world?" face. Bella was done after it got dark, so we left a little bit early.

Here are some pictures of our little bumble bee:

Voting for Righteousness

Bella loves her "aaaa", puppy and books