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A relatively new believer, a formerly stone-cold Marine who would come to Bible study and then go to strip clubs, reminded me of an amazing truth this past Sunday. Seeing the Gospel and Gospel-community, where people zelously desire to see Christ formed in you, transform this guy has humbled me and brought me to Itallian emotion tears on more than one occasion. He said, with full gusto and vebrato, "The Gospel really does change everything!"

I say this all of the time. Yet, I continue to be astounded by it as I see it worked out in my life and those that God has called me to shepherd. The Gospel does change everything. Tim Keller, another one of my heros (he became a church planter before it was the buzz + he engages intellectuals with the gospel in order to redeem the city) wrote a book called The Gospel in Life.The guy who I mentioned above, the Marine, said that the Spirit of God seems to be underlining and emphasizing things within the kingdom of God. He was amazed because he has been reading Platt's Radical. He keeps hearing the same things, the same Scripture, the same application over and over again. Tim Keller brings to light another one of those, "The Spirit of God is saying something to the church" things that has been repeated for me.

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