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Pastors pastor pastors - think Paul to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20:17-38 - think Paul to Timothy in 2nd Timothy.


I've been pastored well by some pastors. David Lawson, a mentor and friend, spoke at my ordination. He challenged with the words of Paul to Timothy in 2nd Timothy--preach the Word, endure hardship, be strengthened by grace, guard the treasure, look to Jesus. It was a somber moment.

I recently walked through 2 Timothy with a group of men; men that I'll be leaving in a few weeks. The Lord has been good to bring to mind memories from theGATHERING, a crew that I've had the humbling joy and privilege to pastor, over the past few weeks. What are things that I would want them to know?

My prayer is that you will press on to know the supremacy of Christ" - John Piper

Take some time this week to consider the different aspects of Jesus and the Gospel highlighted here:

What aspect of Jesus has been recently blowing you away?