[dropcap]What [/dropcap]comes to mind when you hear the word selfies?Our team hit the streets of Chattanooga this past week. What a great idea, get the perspective of the everyday man and woman, engaging them in conversation. What a great location - downtown Chattanooga, along the Tennessee River! One problem, we didn't take into consideration the 100 degree heat index. Another problem, I'm the idiot who wore a black shirt! Despite the heat, we had some great conversations!

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We're going to use the footage for our upcoming Precept Live Webcast. I'll be joined by author Pam Gillaspie. We'll be talking through Selfless Living in a Selfie World. True to form, we'll have some laughs and great conversation, but we'll be majoring on spending time in the Word of God together. We'd love for you to join us!

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UPDATE: You can still view the above webcast! Click the above registration. It's free! You'll get a free Bible study when you register too!