Culture Charcuterie 11.27.15

[dropcap] T [/dropcap] hanksgiving is here!!! Whether you traveled hours in the car, caught a flight with a few thousand other folks at the airport, or just got in the car to carve that bird, a lot of conversations happen around the Thanksgiving table. The glorious holiday season is upon us! Every year we have high hopes, great expectations.  The challenge is still going on, despite our travels and our family being a bit under the weather. Our family has been both deeply moved to pray over some effects of the curse and moved to tears because we've been laughing so hard - great sadness and great joy at the same time.

Here is another serving of Culture Charcuterie for this Thanksgiving week. You've probably already stumbled across these gems from this week, but if you haven't, take a look!

ADELE SAVES THANKSGIVING -  This is one of those things that has made us repeatedly laugh this week. It is crazy that most of the bits and pieces from around the interwebs have something to do with this video. It also brought a lot of laughs around our Thanksgiving table.


WHAT HAPPENED WHEN A NON-PROFIT INVITED EVERYONE IN TOWN TO A THANKSGIVING MEAL - The table brings us together. Once again, Chattanooga is noted as a great place to live! Check out this piece in the Washington Post, highlighting a non-profit that transformed a city street in town. They call it the Thanksgiving Table, inviting the whole town to take part, share a conversation and a meal. It is a brilliant testimony to the heart of our city. Unfortunately, just a day after this event there was a gang-related shooting, which serves as a reminder that there is still work to be done in our city.

THE SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS - Look, we're not going to get political on this one. Many of our friends and family are all over the place on this issue. It is helpful to read, pray, read and pray some more. It is not helpful, however, when we post our political cheap shots on social media, stirring controversy and abandoning that whole "speech seasoned with grace" thing. The clashing of kingdoms is something that is apparent for us as children of God. Yet, we can't lose sight of our unshakeable kingdom. Here is a round up of a few Christian perspectives on it




RACE ROUNDTABLE -  We don't have cable. One night this week I was running on the treadmill at our gym. As soon as I clicked on the news, the video footage of the shooting of Laquan McDonald over a year ago was released. I'm not going to politick here. I don't know all of the details, I just know that my heart sunk when I saw it. I was immediately stirred to pray. Then, I was connected with friends in Minneapolis and Chicago who have had similar situations take place in the last few days and weeks. Maybe you don't know how to respond either. A year ago, after Ferguson, a pastor in the St. Louis area hosted a Race Round Table. I'd encourage you to make time to watch and consider.

JESUS WILL PROVIDE THE WINE - Even my teetotaling friends can enjoy this post even if they will be toasting with sparkling apple cider around their Thanksgiving Table.

A TABLE OF FORGETFUL REMEMBRANCE - I've really been enjoying the work of Jen Wilkin over this past year. She is a Bible teacher in Flower Mound, Texas. Many of our friends have been blessed to jump into the Word of God with her. What I love about her is that we, Jen and Precept, share the same desire to establish people in God's Word. Rather than regurgitating information, what she has studied, she encourages people to dig into the feasting table of God's Word for themselves. She wrote this piece on the Precept Blog.

Question: Have there been any other posts that have resonated with you this week?