Anxious, Christian?

Anxious, Christian?

 “It is difficult to tell where your anxiety disorder ends and where the actual news begins.”

I read that quote in the New York Times in a piece entitled America’s New Anxiety Disorder.

What do you think about it?

What is the relationship between anxiety and facts?

It seems that the author is saying that it is hard to tell where the “What ifs?” end and where the facts, the truth about a situation begins. Take it even further – the individual is so wrapped up in the what might happen, the constant what-if scenarios, that the stress levels and blood pressure rise to a point that he or she is unable to step back and ask, “What is true in this situation?” The individual then gets others around them, rallies those of like-minded anxiousness and then there is a bonafide firestorm of social media proportions. Add to it 24/7 news coverage and it is no wonder why America’s anxiety is out of control.

Yes, Americans have an anxiety problem.

Yes, Americans have a truth problem.

Our writing team at Precept is currently piloting the Precept Upon Precept study of the book of Mark. We wrote the study together several months ago. Now, several hundred men, women, and teenagers are helping us pilot the course. The Gospels of Luke and Matthew offer more detailed perspectives on Jesus, Mark is more of a cut to the chase, give me the bottom line. The way that the Holy Spirit worked through all of the gospel authors’ background and personality is amazing. The brevity of Mark forces one to pay attention, to get it, to lean into what Jesus is doing. I’ve been focusing in on the responses that people have when they encounter Jesus. The Holy Spirit and Mark want us to pay attention to the word Fear. 

Christian, how about us?

Do we allow our frenzied emotions, the voices of what-if to interpret truth?

Do we allow more airtime to the voices of talking heads on our favorite news outlets than the voice of the Spirit through the Word?

As children of God, what place does fear have in our lives? How can we tell if we're being motivated by fear? Why is it important?

Our Precept Transform Student Team has been pouring over many passages on fear and faith over the past few months. We’re gearing up for ENCOUNTER Student Conference in December, an event for 12-18-year-olds. During the conference, we’ll be equipping students to get into the Word of God for themselves through Precept’s inductive Bible study method. Here is he thing - we have full confidence that the Spirit will confront fear by encountering Jesus! Through the rest of October, there is a significant early bird price cut. If you are a student, have a student, or know a student - get on it!

You may not be a student or have one in your house, but we’d love to ask you to pray for this event. We know that God uses His Word to direct people’s hearts toward Jesus through His Spirit. Would you pray, even right now, and continue to pray in the days ahead that the Spirit would bring the students and youth leaders that need to hear from the Lord through His Word? Would you pray to the Lord of the Harvest with us, that he would bring the student laborers that will go out into the plowing fields of their homes, schools, and communities!

If you’re not a student, don’t worry (do you see what I did there?) Over the next few weeks, we’ll consider some scripture together on anxiousness, fear, and faith in Jesus. Make sure that you've signed up for updates so that you can stay up to date!

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